At Oxygen Strategic Partners, LLC, we get to know each candidate beyond their resume.  We find out the skills and qualities that will achieve the perfect fit for your position. We employ different interview techniques to truly screen our candidates.  It is part of our practice to check their references before we submit them to you.  There are no surprises when you meet our candidates for their in-person interviews.


Our professional staffing specialists quickly identify the most qualified candidates, including the passive candidates using our industry knowledge and the extensive networks of our organization. We have dedicated bandwidth for each open requirement in order to deliver timely results.

Three Phases of the Perfect Fit

Customer Analysis

We profile your company to understand the nature of your business as well as the unique culture within your organization. We understand the importance of team building in addition to the skill set required. This helps us to determine the services that will make your staffing process more efficient and effective. Additionally, this allows us to offer important staffing related recommendations when it is appropriate.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Oxygen Strategic Partners, LLC's engagement process is focused on you and your business needs. This consultative approach, details from start to finish how our firm selects the appropriate candidate(s) for your organization.